Rug Cleaning London

Rug Cleaning London

Our Cleaning Prices

Small Rug      £15
Medium Rug £20
Big Rug          £25

Why Choose Our Service?

  • We apply specialized, Eco-friendly products
  • You book cleaners fully trained and certified
  • Results: Fresh and spotless clean house

Our experienced London technicians can offer you exceptional quality rug cleaning service for various types of textile fabrics. Be it persian, oriental or antique rug we at IB Carpet Cleaning have both the tools and the knowledge to clean it and remove all stains.

We provide professional, effective rug cleaning services in all the areas of London. And we do it at a competitive price, too. Our customers trust us with their rugs, because they understand the need for personal attention to every detail in the overall cleaning process and the fact that you can never repeat the opportunity to make a “first impression” for your home or office space!

Benefits of Our Rug Cleaning Service in London

  • We use only proven environmentally safe products that will preserve the delicate fabric of your persian and oriental rugs.
  • We can also dry clean your rugs if necessary as some delicate fabrics are vulnerable to water damage and dye bleeding.
  • With us you get a 100% clean guarantee – simply put our cleaners would not leave your home unless you are satisfied with the results.
  • Our professional rug cleaners are fully certified  – a guarantee for quality service!
  • Our assistants are available 24/7 and when you call they will offer you non obligation free quote and more information about our latest deals and discounts.
  • Our local teams are evenly spread throughout London so they are available on a short notice.
  • Book more several of our cleaning services and we will provide you with a breath taking deal on top of our competitive prices!

Rug Cleaning Process:

  • Pre-treating the rug with professional products
  • Stain and spot treatment with appropriate products
  • Extraction of stains and dirt with Professional Equipment
  • Deodorizing your rug

Rug cleaning is a tedious, thankless job that you can do by yourself – unfortunately with little success. There is nothing more frustrating than the discovery that after hours of cleaning rugs and textile fabrics on which you’ve worked so hard are still dirty and need extra care to be cleaned. Try our service and you’ll quickly and easily find the best solution to your dirty rugs! Choose the ultimate rug cleaners in London and contact us immediately at 020-3722-2525. In case you need more services, check out our professional cleaning services page. With us you get a 100% clean guarantee – simply put our cleaners would not leave your home unless you are satisfied with the result and if you have any remarks about their work – we will re-clean your rugs for free!

Rug cleaning services for both commercial and residential London properties

Or London rug cleaning teams provide unmatched services and are fully trained and experienced to tackle any job, regardless of its size. We serve both the commercial and residential sector and we always do an excellent job, so rest assured that your rugs will get properly cleaned.

Feel comfortable with us:

We undertake a top-to-bottom approach, because we want to clean your home as thorough as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of products and equipment do you use?

The experts will use a wide range of tried and tested detergents that are completely safe for the environment. However, please make sure to inform us should your home feature marble or other surfaces that require special treatment.

Our Unique Guarantee

If you are unhappy with ANY part of your cleaning, We will re-clean those areas, 100% free of charge.

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