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Our Prices

Minimum Service Charge is 50£.

One Seater Sofa –       £25
2 Seater Sofa –             £35
3 Seater Sofa –             £45
L – Shaped 4 Seater – £65
L – Shaped 5 Seater – £85
Armchairs –                  £20
Dining Chair –              £7
Office Chair –               £7
Single Mattress –        £20
Double Mattress –      £25
King-size Mattress –   £30

Why Choose Our Services

  • We use high-end professional equipment
  • We use eco-friendly products not available over the counter
  • We apply specialised treatments to best suit your fabrics
  • You book technicians fully trained and certified
  • This service prolongs the life of your upholstered furniture

You need Professional Upholstery Cleaning in London?

Upholstery Cleaning London

Choose professional upholstery cleaning by IB Clean Solutions and book truly professional results! We are proud to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction and excellent services throughout Greater London and the M25 ring.

We specialize in professional cleaning services for the wide range of upholstery fabrics, such as silk, Haitian cotton, velour, brushed corduroy, leather, non-colourfast fabrics, fabrics and more.

In addition, we can somewhat “repair” leather upholstery with special stain removers and crack fillers. However, you have to first send us pictures of your furnishing so we can determine what kind of solutions will work the best.

What types of upholstery cleaning do we provide?

  • Steam Cleaning – when applicable
  • Leather Cleaning – via dry solvents

What’s included in professional upholstery cleaning by IB Clean Solutions?

  • Pre-treating the fabric with professional products
  • Stain and spot treatment with appropriate products
  • Extraction of stains and dirt with Professional Equipment
  • Deodorizing your upholstery

Your home is your palace, and as such your upholstery needs to be looking its best at all times. At IB Clean Carpets, we provide sofa cleaning to help you achieve the look your home deserves.

Our services are available at our factory or in your home, helping you maintain the elegance and brilliance of any material – from leather through to fine silks. Whether it’s for stain removal or simply to prolong the life of the item, you need look no further for upholstery and sofa cleaning.

We deploy our expertise and knowledge – accrued over the last 5 years – to bring tailored cleaning services to you.

To reap the benefits of our prestigious upholstery and sofa cleaning for your home – wherever you are in London – contact our professional, friendly team today.

We can book an appointment or offer further advice on the most appropriate service for your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does leather upholstery cleaning include?

Leather upholstery cleaning includes:

  • The service starts with a thorough inspection of the item in order to determine its condition and to what extent the upholstery technician will be able to clean it.
  • Then he will test a little non-visible patch of the leather (for example under the sitting cushion) to see exactly how well the dirt is coming off.
  • After the test, the technician will apply a foam leather cleaner all over the fabric. It will effectively absorb all the dirt in a few minutes.
  • Then he will use a soft brush to work the cleaning solution. Finally, he will wipe the piece with a cotton cloth.
  • When the upholstery is perfectly clean, the technician will apply a leather rejuvenator. It takes between 1 and 2 hours until the rejuvenating solution dries out.

We know how to clean a leather sofa and how to clean a suede sofa to a spotless condition. Book professional sofa cleaning – enjoy the fantastic service.

How long until my upholstery dries after steam cleaning?

If the upholstery is wool fiber, then it will take between four and seven hours. Other than that, it should be about three to six hours.

Are chemicals used during the cleaning service?

Yes, however, they are completely safe for use in a domestic environment. But in case you are sensitive to certain chemicals, then please let us known in advance so we can provide you with alternative ways to clean your upholstered items.

How does hot water extraction work?

The hot water extraction treatment works in the following steps:

  • The technician parks within walking distance of the property and brings equipment and detergents on site.
  • He takes care of some preparation for the service and places a pad under the cleaning machine to ensure it won’t make a mess. Also, he will carefully inspect the upholstery to determine the type of fabric.
  • He hovers the piece to remove accumulated dust and other loose particles. Then he pre-treats any visible stains with professional detergents.
  • In case the upholstery is synthetic or wool, he will commence with hot water extraction cleaning.
  • When the cleaning is done, furnishing will be left almost dry. It will need between 3 and 7 hours to air-dry completely.
  • As part of the service, the fantastic upholstery technician will leave an air-mover in the room, for the duration of the service, to speed up the drying process.

What does dry foam upholstery cleaning include?

Dry foam upholstery cleaning includes:

  • The upholstery is carefully brushed and vacuum-cleaned. A pre-conditioning spray is applied to loosen the accumulated dirt.
  • The item is coated with a special cleaning foam and it is left to settle.
  • The foam coating hardens in about ten minutes. The crystallised substance is then removed with a powerful vacuum cleaner.
  • Once the dried foam is removed, you will be able to use the item after about an hour.

Our Unique Guarantee

If you are unhappy with ANY part of your cleaning for absolutely any reason we will re-clean those areas, 100% free of charge.

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